Contribute to Bear Beautiful, become part of the Talent Team

Bear Beautiful showcases the very best our industry has to offer. Is there an artist you love? A product you rave to your friends about? Would you like to show off your creative workspace?
I'd love to hear from you. Please forward your ideas to

Join Contributing Editor R John Wright and myself Helen Gleeson to take Bear Beautiful further.

Here are a few ideas. Do you have one to add? What would you like to see included?
  • Bear Profiles
  • Bear Patterns
  • Bear Shows, Competitions and Awards
  • Create it yourself projects (step-by-step)
  • Sewing projects
  • Craft ideas
  • Etsy stores, products 
  • Blogs and Websites
  • Creative spaces, where artist create
  • Storage and organisation for your crafts
  • Up-cycle and recycle ideas 
  • Article ideas, Passion for the arts, work life balance, creative pursuits etc
  • ????? What else - have an idea to add? please let me know it, I'll see what I can do.
Submit an idea or let me know what you want included  
Please forward your ideas to

Do you see yourself writing articles, maybe supplying a pattern or project? Maybe you would be a great contributor being part of the Talent Team hunting down future artists, stores and covering local shows. If so please contact me with what you might be willing to do.

Please note all images will need to be clear, in focus, light, high resolution and of the highest quality to be used in the magazine. 

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