Want to be in Bear Beautiful?

Are you a passionate and wonderful Bear Artist? Would you like your bears to be displayed in a beautiful magazine showcasing the finest our industry has to offer to sophisticated collectors?
The Artist Gallery currently displays 12 bear artists work each issue. This two page spread is a clean and striking page showing the finest artistry, each image displayed with the Bears name, Bear Business and Website.
What you should do:
To have your work included in the Gallery, a high res image will need to be supplied. Ideally the bear will be photographed on a solid or soft background, (no heavy patterns please) The photo should be clear, in focus and the main subject should of course be the beautiful Bear. I am happy to crop the image for you, please send full image without editing or watermarks.
Artists showcased in the Artist Gallery may go on to be featured so its a great way to submit your collection.
Send your high res image to helen@barecubdesigns.com

Stores / Business Owners
Are you a store owner, do you sell materials and or supplies to bear artists? Would you like your store to be featured in the Bear Beautiful magazine?
I would like to offer the readers a virtual tour of your store, together we can create an article and inviting layout so readers can see your store, meet you and the wonderful things you have to offer.
What you should do:
To have your business featured in the magazine, send some images o your store. Please try to be creative with your images. To invoke fun or luxury, to inspire the readers to want to enter your store. What's the personality of the space? A few close up images of your display, products and of course a profile photo of you and or your staff. Some examples are below. Ideally you will have an online store also so readers can visit and buy from you.
Alternatively, if you prefer I can arrange an article be written by a freelance writer for you and at a reasonable price. 
Send images and your ideas for a story to helen@barecubdesigns.com

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